A few apps, websites, and real-world projects I've created or contributed to.


Snapchat custom stories, three years early. Share and compile videos with friends around an event or location.

Odd Shapes

Teaching kindergarteners about patterns with an iPad app. Find odd shape out -- by color, shape, or size.


Before there was Decorator, there was Decorate. A four-week intern project, we helped people visualize paint colors.


My first website. I worked with an architect to automate the zoning analysis for any property in NYC.


Implemented integration testing for an iOS app to bet on major-league sports games with friends.


College hackathon app to combat outfit indecision. Snap a pic and get a quick anonymous yes/no from your friends.

FIRST Robotics Competition

A 120 lb robot built by 120 lb girls. It hung inner tubes on pegs and deployed a minibot to climb a 10 ft pole.

Android Email Client

Built a basic Microsoft Exchange email client capable of loading an inbox via the ActiveSync protocol and WBXML.

Surfactant Research Tests

Worked with NYU environmental engineering PhD students on testing solutions to treat the BP oil spill.