FIRST Robotics Competition

  Junior and senior years of high school

Soccer-playing robot (2010)

I was the captain of my high school's all-girls rookie FIRST Robotics Competition team, 3204. We built this robot in the allotted 6 weeks, then advanced to Nationals after winning the NYC Regional Competition.

I worked on the mechanical and electrical aspects of the robot, organized and ran team meetings, and represented the team in TV and newspaper interviews.

Inner-tube-hanging robot with deployable minibot (2011)

I worked on the chassis and general structure of the robot, but spent most of my time building the minibot. During the end of each game, the main robot would release the minibot near a pole that it would have to climb autonomously.

The minibot was 12"x12"x12" and used a spring system to latch itself around the pole, then propelled itself upwards with motors spinning the wheels pressed onto the pole.