Zoner (has been updated since)
   Summer 2012 (has been updated since)      PHP/SQL/JS/HTML/CSS      Summer 2012

Automated property zoning analysis

Every exterior construction job in NYC requires a thorough zoning analysis before the city approves a building permit. Zoning laws are complicated. Zoner automates part of this process. It takes any NYC address and generates a report about how the property can be used and built on according to zoning regulations.

I worked on this project in 2012 for M.Arch Architects, then continued to provide software and business advice over the next two years.

My role

I built the site from the ground up based on the idea my boss pitched me. He had hired me because he thought Java == JavaScript, and my resume included Java.

The site included authentication, PayPal integration, SVG building representations drawn with an algorithm I wrote, and the logic to perform the zoning analysis itself.