Odd Shapes

   Fall 2013 with team, Spring 2014 solo

  Objective-C      Fall 2013 with team, Spring 2014 solo

Teaching kindergarteners about patterns

I worked on this game during junior year of college with three other students. This semester-long project asked us to create an iOS game that taught kindergarteners about patterns. We ran a few ideas by a local kindergarten teacher then settled on this idea where the player had to tap on the shape that was unique in color, shape, or size. The levels got progressively more challenging.

My role

The four of us divided development tasks and each learned SceneKit. I took ownership of the framework that defined levels and managed the game's state.

A year after the class, I returned to the game for a few weeks. I polished it, added more complexity to the gamification system, then launched it on the App Store.